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Who Is Responsible For The Implant Marketing?

Over the past 2 years, Mehedi has built a dental implant marketing system that has generated over $10+ million in dental implant production for dental clinics around the U.S. and Canada. Dozens of Mehedi’s clients have gotten 10-15 patients per month using his system. Mehedi has done it all, from generating leads to setting appointments, to selling treatment in in-office and virtual consultations.

MD Tangeer Mehedi

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What Will We Do?

Our experts will craft a winning strategy that includes Google PPC, Facebook & Instagram ads, retargeting, and engagement on popular blogs and social media platforms.

Imagine seeing your implant services reach new heights as we answer patients’ questions on Quora, and share informative blogs on Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Trust us to give your implant services the extra hours of promotion they deserve and watch your patient base grow.

Dental Implant Marketing
Implant Marketing

So, If You Spend $3000 On Implant Marketing, What You Get:

The Cost Per Conversion Is Rising On Google Ads Campaigns.
Average 2018-2021 Cost/Conv: $160
Average 2022 Cost/Conv: $185

  • Generate 10-15 new patients per month
  • Landing Page + Google Ads + FB-IG Ads
  • Cost Per Acquisition: $150 – $200 per dental patient
  • The average dental patient stays with the practice for 7-10 years

[PS: Budget depends on geographic location & competition]

And the important thing is, if you provide good services to your implant patients, then they will be your lifetime customer and they will bring their friends and family to your practice. Eventually, you will get a long time benefit.

-Mehedi | CEO

Patient’s Life-Time Value:

Derek Naylor, a dental practice consultant, claims a slightly more optimistic estimate of $22,000 for the average lifetime value of a dental patient. At the top of the spectrum, True Dental Success believes that the customer lifetime value of a dental patient falls around $45,000 over a 20-year lifetime!

Why Does Customer Lifetime Value Matter?

Once you know the average lifetime value of a dental patient, then you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about your marketing, hiring the right dental marketing company, and advertising to new patients.

You never want to be spending more money on acquiring new patients than the lifetime profit they deliver to your practice.

Knowing how much each new patient is worth to your practice right now will also give you a number to exceed. When you improve the average lifetime value of your dental patients, then your dental office will become more successful and valuable.

Patient’s Live-Time Value
Dental Implant Marketing
implants marketing campaign costs

So, What Is The Charge?

We will make a conversion-focused Landing Page And manage & Set Up Google And Facebook Ads Campaigns For You.

Our Charge Is Simple!

If you want to run an implant marketing campaign with re-target, it takes 45 hours per month and $35 per hour. So, we will charge $1000 for the setup & $1500 for the maintenance full campaign. That means it will cost only less than one of your single implant cases. So, affordable! Right?

Please Note: If you need to promote your other services like an emergency, general dentistry, teeth whitening, etc. we will charge an extra $100 per service with dental implant marketing.

Landing Page & website: If you need a well optimize landing page for your ads, its costs you $200 only and if you need a 1-page WordPress website then it cost you $350 only.

There are 2 factors of cost plans for a PPC campaign – the ad spend and the management charge. Charging this fee, we do the following:

Keyword Research: Research optimal positive and negative ad keywords
Ad Creation: Write ad titles, captions & extensions designed so that they can attract searchers
Conversion tracking: Create tags to track critical events on your website which provide essential information on visitor behavior and campaign effectiveness
Landing Page Optimization: Optimize (or create if necessary) landing pages on your site for the ads
Performance Optimization: Perform ongoing optimizations by examining search queries, keyword performance, user devices, and more, to increase campaign results over time
Adjust Ad Spend: Increase or decrease spending and create additional ads in your direction
Performance Reporting: Monitor traffic from your ads and then generate monthly performance reports

Full-Service PPC Advance Package [Recommended]

  • How Do We Fix Our Price:

    Initially, we work based on a monthly rate. We choose hourly rates because of transparency. Yes, we want to ensure your every penny is utilized.
    Different businesses have different aspects. So, we make a plan to have ideas about business details, services, and services pages that you want to place ads on.
    We will monitor your business, advertising campaigns, competitors, and whatever your needs are. Let you know how many hours you need to work on your Google Ads campaign and then we’ll send you a quote. Contact us with your query, and we will send a quotation.

  • How much should I budget for my dental PPC campaign?

    The budget for any dental PPC campaign varies on a few factors. Hence, it mainly depends on the keyword. For instance, if you’re trying to advertise for dental implants, just note that these keywords are a lot more expensive than “family dentist.
    The budget also varies from business to business. Ads in New York City will likely cost a lot more than ads for the same keyword in rural Tennessee.
    We make an estimated budget based on high-converting keywords in your market. We’ll advise you on the potential ROI of each campaign before you commit.

  • What is a good CTR on a dental PPC campaign?

    In the USA, the national average click-through rate (popularly known as CTR) on healthcare ads is about 1.74%. We let you have more than this average CTR! This ratio varies by campaign topic (say, implants vs emergency dentistry).
    However, our general dentistry campaigns get a CTR of 2.5 – 3% at a minimum. Special campaigns often get a 9 – 11% CTR.
    Our every ad is designed with a custom landing page and an individualized call tracking number to track the results and ROI of your business. Campaigns are continually monitored to remove negative keywords and improve the quality of your clicks and calls.

  • Do Facebook ads for dentists work?

    These types of ads are best for short-term promotion, brand awareness, and highly targeted messages. They can be very effective if you run the ads properly.
    But keep in mind that people don’t search for a dentist on Facebook, rather they visit Facebook as time passes (thus why dental SEO is so important). So make sure to provide something of value to get that social media to stop and pay attention to your message.

  • Ok, But Advance Package Price Looks High! 🤔

    Let me summarize the services we provide. In addition to setting up and managing your ads account, we also offer 1-page website creation24 ad copy variationsretargeting system setup, and Facebook boostingcall tracking system setup, keyword maintenance, and landing page updates.

  • I Need to Rank My Website On Google Locally, Can SEO and PPC Work Together? 🤔

    Yes, SEO and PPC can work together. SEO focuses on optimizing your website to rank higher in organic search results, while PPC involves paying for ads to appear in search results. Combining both strategies can lead to improved targeting and more effective keyword research. Here you can check our SEO plan and pricing.

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