How To Get New Patients In Dental Office

You have just started a dental office and want to attract new patients. Or, as a dentist, you wish to keep your waiting room busy, right? Then, you have to know how to get new patients in the dental office.

For this purpose, you have to follow a strategic plan. And there are many options available to attract new patients to your dental office. So, find out which one will work well for you. 

In this article, we will inform you about some crucial strategies that will help you to get new patients. Besides, you will get some pro tips. 

So, let’s start our journey. 

How To Get New Patients In Dental Office?

Getting new patients is the first concern of a dentist. Each dental office owner wishes to keep their dental office full of patients. And as a dental office owner, you think the same, right? Then, you must promote your dental office in various practical ways. 

Let’s have a look at some crucial ideas and excellent marketing strategies

Create an impressive website 

A website will be the digital presence of your dental office. People will know about you through this website. Besides, you will be able to provide various services as well. 

Hence, you must have an attractive and SEO-optimized website. Remember that thousands of websites are available on the internet that works on dental services. So, they are your competitors. Then, your website must be unique, engaging, and interactive. 

Ensure that your website is present on the top page of the search engine so that a new dental patient can find you easily. Notably, your website should be simple, informative, and mobile-friendly. 

Be active in the local community 

The main purpose of promotion is to inform the people about your existence. Hence, you have to be active in your targeted community. 

Establish a team that will increase your brand value by promoting in local schools, markets, and other public centers. Keep in mind that the local community is your first target. So, you must reach them in various ways. 

Let the community understand dental health. Inform the people about your services such as implants, sedation dentistry, Invisalign, etc. 

Answer phone calls 

New patients can call you at any time to ensure an appointment. Then, you have to answer the phone calls. Importantly, you have to communicate very politely with your potential patients. 

Remember that customers are always right. So, try to avoid a quarrel. Respect their opinions and hear them closely. 

You must pick up each phone call of your patients. In this case, an expert communicator should be appointed in your office to handle phone calls. 

Make sure your social media presence 

Nowadays, we can’t imagine a single day without social media. So, you must ensure your social media presence. Interestingly, it is a great way to reach your targeted audiences. 

Maintain Facebook and Instagram pages, Youtube channel, Pinterest, and other prominent social networking sites as the name of your dental office. Be active in social media. And post regularly. 

We ensure that you will get many new patients from social media. You just need to post engaging content describing your services. 

Get feedback from previous patients 

Feedback and reviews about your services can be a useful tool to attract and engage new patients. Ask your patients to leave a review about your services, staff, and overall working environment. 

Indeed, you can get some complaints about your services or staff. Then, you should take the necessary steps to overcome these issues. 

On the other hand, you will get compliments from most of your patients. Keep records of these reviews and share them on social media and your website. 

Offer special discounts for new patients 

Discounts can attract people quickly. So, you can plan for a special discount for your new patients. It will immensely help you to get new dental patients. 

You have to promote the matter of discount on your website, on social media, and in the local community. Typically, people may not be interested in getting regular dental services. In this case, you can deliver some regular services without fees. 

Teeth whitening, Invisalign service, etc., can be provided without fees for new patients. This step will encourage your new and potential patients to take regular dental services from your clinic. 

Membership program

A membership program is another great idea in case of getting new patients. Usually, people think they should pay a massive amount for dental appointments. And this opinion can be changed through a membership program. 

Ask people to be a member of your dental office. After making the appointment and the necessary dental services, they will be able to pay the cost monthly. This step will encourage people to come to your dental office. 

Use social occasions

Social festivals can be a great medium to reach more people. Christmas, Halloween, and festivals should be in your plan. Promote your dental office both traditionally and online to reach potential patients. 

Inform the general people about dental health. Try to increase public awareness about teeth whitening, dental implants, and other services. 

However, you can offer toothbrushes, toothpaste, and complimentary teeth whitening services on these occasions for new patients. Besides, special discount programs can be held to increase your brand awareness. 

Advertise on Google and Facebook 

Only social media presence will not be sufficient to get new dental patients. Hence, you can run ad campaigns on Google and Facebook to increase engagement. 

Facebook ads campaigns and Google ads PPC campaigns can be the best options. Set up the ad campaign with the necessary care. Define age range, location, profession, and other crucial things. 

You can hire an expert to manage these ad campaigns. Notably, this method will allow you to drive the targeted audiences directly to your website. 


Building a good relationship with the community will be the first thing for a dental office owner. So, never hesitate to reach your community. 

However, I hope you have got everything on how to get new patients in the dental office. All the described ways are crucial and work excellently to attract and engage new users. 

But you must decide which one will be perfect for you. Never hesitate to try alternative methods to get the best result. 

Good luck! 

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