How Much Should Dentists Spend On Implant Marketing

As every business or service needs marketing, dental implant service also needs it to grab the attention of the targeted people. So, how much should dentists spend on implant marketing?

As a dentist, you must know about implant marketing and its budget. In general, dentists should spend 20 to 30 percent of their revenue to market their implant service.

To make a well-planned strategy for implant marketing, dentists should have a clear idea about the necessary budget and the ways to spend it wisely. Wise decisions can make it bring the highest outcome from the marketing.

How Much Should Dentists Spend On Implant Marketing?

Dentists should use twenty to thirty percent of their income to attract patients. This is enough to design a well-strategic marketing plan.

Possible ways of implant marketing

Implant marketing can be done in many ways like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube marketing, ads on websites, and so on. Here Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some renowned social media that provide a huge platform for marketing.

Social media even offers some free ways of promotion also that are often as fruitful as the paid strategies. YouTube and website marketing are also proven fruitful. You need to just use them properly and get the best of them.

A dentist can also try creating blogs and videos that represent himself and his works. This also works for free and is a good attention grabber.

Promote the best with a limited budget

To grab the attention of the patients, dentists need to prove themselves better than the other dentists. But, doing so with a limited budget is not that much easy.

Some wise strategies can help a dentist to get the expected outcome from the promotion. Ways of promoting with a limited budget:

Personal Branding

Self-branding is one of the best promotional approaches. You have to highlight the uniqueness of your implant service. Remember that, you are not alone to offer this service. Many other dentists are offering the same implant service as you. So, you need to emphasize the reasons why patients should come toward you.

Create a website

In America, about 98 percent of adults use the internet. About 73 percent of them use the internet daily. Even 73 percent of consumer health insights are found on the internet.

So, it will be a great move if you start using a website for the promotion. And, it is very much possible to develop a website with a small budget.

Select target patients

The most important strategy to lessen the cost is determining the target people. Dentists need not spend money on patients who may not be interested in this implant service.

For example, the patients who have already taken implant service may not need it again very soon. It is necessary to separate them from the planning of marketing that may lessen the cost in a good quantity.

Target the local area

Most dental implant patients want to get treatment within their local area. So, a dentist should give attention to them and think more about the process of making them interested in his implant service. This may cost less than running a promotion for all the patients over the country.  

Try free marketing

As mentioned above, social media offers us to promote without any cost. Besides, most people use social media nowadays. So, it is a huge platform to promote the dental implant service.

Why won’t you grab the opportunity to market your service at no cost on such a huge platform? Creating blogs and videos is also a very good way of free marketing that has a good impact.


Marketing is so important for medical services like dental implants to reach the target patients. So, how much should dentists spend on implant marketing to plan the marketing strategy that attracts people?

Spending 20 to 30 percent of the total revenue wisely ensures the best outcome for dental implants. And as a dentist, you should follow the mentioned ways above to make it the best.    

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