How Much Do A Dental Assistant Make An Hour

A question may arise in your mind before choosing a dental assistant career how much does a dental assistant make an hour. Well, the earnings of a dental assistant depend on several factors like the place where the job candidates belong, whether he or she is experienced or working in an entry-level position, etc.

On the other hand, it also depends on the job recruiters. A dental assistant at first focuses on the payment rate and how much he/she gets.

A dental assistant is normally paid $20.34 per hour in a simple salary term. The annual average income range up to $42,310 for dental assistants. The annual income range is  $34,470 to $49,810 or gradually more.

The annual income ratio of dental assistants depends greatly on which city they live in, the advancement of the job opportunity, or increased salary basis on the skilled or experienced candidates.

Is A Dental Assistant A Good Job Nowadays?

A dental assistant works under the supervision of a dentist and helps them in the dental care chamber in many ways. With the higher demand for dental care and an increasing number of patients, the job vacancy has also increased

for dental assistants. A dental assistant’s handsome annual salary is $41180 with a 10.8% unemployment ratio. As all the numerical calculations of salary, employment, and unemployment give a positive response, this is a good job nowadays, no doubt.

How The Dental Assistant Salary Is Affected By The Job Location

Expensive states create costly livelihoods which affect a person’s earnings also. That’s why the dental assistant salary differs from state to state.

The top five states which pay the high payments on an hourly basis in 2020.

  1. Massachusetts: $24.88
  2. New Hampshire: $24.43
  3. Oregon: $23.23
  4. Washington: $22.45
  5. Rhode Island: $22.38

Here is the list of the top five lowest-paying states for dental assistant 

  1. Mississippi: $15.35
  2. Alabama: $16.11
  3. Idaho: $16.98
  4. Arkansas: $17.54

A dental assistant’s hourly income fluctuates from city to city, the same way in the states. Below, we have included the top five metro cities of California where a dental assistant’s income varies.

  1. Santa Rosa, CA: $28.16
  2. Vallejo, CA: $26.23
  3. San Francisco, CA: $25.72
  4. Santa Barbara, CA: $25.52
  5. Santa Cruz, CA: $24.33

The Salaries Of Dental Assistants Vary In Many Dental Sectors

There are several sectors in dental assistants jobs whose salaries are also different from each other. A dental technician who follows the instructions of the dentist and has no contact with the patient and a dental hygienist who takes care of oral health and instructs the patient about oral hygiene gets a different pay scale. 

Cosmetic dentists who actually work with a patient who needs different services like teeth whitening, bonding, and fillings get different payment scales than a dental assistant. They take oral photos to make a perfect model for making a perfect diagram of the solution.

Pediatric Dentistry first interacts with the child patient during the appointment as well as they also teach the child and parents about oral hygiene education. Their average hourly salaries are given below.

What Are The Career Opportunities For Dental Assistants?

The handsome salary of dental assistants and the higher demand for oral care nowadays make a big career opportunity for those who want to step into this sector. People try to maintain their teeth longer with the help of a dentist. 

The number of patients increases in the chamber of dental care, and the dental assistant job opportunity also increases in the busiest dental offices. This career offers a variety of ways to grow up Financially.

Anyone can be issued a certificate to practice in a Private dental chamber, hospitals, and different welfare organizations. 


The information given above should clear the answer when anyone wants to know how much a dental assistant earns on an hourly basis. A dental assistant who seeks a job will find the perfect salary range and numerical concepts about different pay scales in different states and cities.

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