How Long Is Schooling For Dental Assistant

Dental assistants assist in various health care tasks, from caring for patients to helping file records and appointment schedules? They play a significant role in dental health. 

Dental assistants are responsible for keeping different patients at ease and encouraging patients of all ages and backgrounds. The role of a dental assistant is more critical than that of a dentist in healing a patient.

Now, you may want to step into the dental assistant profession, the most trendy and demandable career path as of now.  

In this content, you will know how long is schooling for dental assistants.

Moreover, we will inform you how much do dental assistants earn.

Now let’s explore more about it.

How Long Is Schooling For Dental Assistant: The Exact Number

If you become a dental assistant, it takes nine months to two years to take a dental assistant degree. It also depends on enrollment courses, the school, and the type of program such as full-time, part-time, and whether it is online or offline. It may take longer if you want to follow advanced certification.

Moreover, the different institutes offer dental assistant programs.

The institutions are as follows:

  • Dental school,
  • College,
  • University,
  • Vocational school,
  • And technical school

After a high school diploma or GED, you can become a dental assistant in nine to ten months. 

Dental Assisting School

There are three routes to becoming a registered dental assistant. Each step has a different time of duration and dedication. 

Routes 1: On-the-Job Training

You can become a dental assistant through on-the-job training if you don’t have a dental assistant degree. You should know about dental terminology, dental instrument, how to complete daily tasks, and how to communicate with patients from a dentist.

Routes 2: Dental Assistant Certification

By completing a dental assistant program and a diploma degree, you will certify the dental association. In some states, different vocational schools and community colleges offer most dental assistant programs in some states. 

You will gain knowledge about how to infection control, X-Ray reporting, dental instruments, and medical emergencies.

Routes 3: Dental Assistant Degree

There have 300 programs imposed by the Commission of Dental Accreditation (CODA). These programs provide classroom and clinical training and teach students about oral anatomy, dental instruments, office administration, dental X-rays, medical emergencies, dental health education, and other regular dental assistive work.

Responsibilities of a dental assistant

The dental assistant’s job is at the dental office. They usually work as dentists’ collaborators. They do their work according to the advice of dentists. They also have many kinds of work to do. These include_

  • Completing clerical responsibilities include greeting patients, answering phone calls and scheduling appointments.
  • Moreover, they maintain and file patient records.
  • To keep the room neat and clean, the dental patients are treated.
  • Lab instrument and equipment processing
  • Providing medicines to patients
  • Assisting dentists during dental cleaning and procedures, such as giving them tools in hand
  • Taking a patient’s blood pressure and pulse
  • Properly taking, developing, and mounting all radiographs and x-rays, usually under the direction of the dentist
  • Providing a dental X-Ray report to the patient
  • Recording medical and dental history and important symptoms of patients
  • Billing and payments from patients

Dental Assistant Salary

The average salary for a dental assistant is $19.28 per hour and $41,180 per annual in the United States. These salaries vary by location, experience, and industry.

IndustryAverage Dental Assistant Salary
Dental Offices$41,180
Physician Offices$38,600

Dental Assistant Skill

You need some soft skills to become a dental assistant. You should have_

A detail-oriented skill:  Detail-oriented means having a good idea of when you will be working on a task or project. You need more experience with it. It also means following rules and protocols when helping a dentist to treatment. 

Interpersonal skills: Interpersonal links are also called communication skills. As a dental assistant, you must have a better understanding of dentists and patients.

Organizational skills: As a dental assistant, you need to know where to put the tools in the right place for a dentist to use when treating a patient.


I hope this content has helped shed some light on how long it takes to become a dental assistant. Although it may seem like it takes a lot of time, effort, and money, it will ultimately be worth it as it gives you a straight line in the dental industry.

If you want to take the first step in the journey of becoming a dental assistant, then you have come to the right place.

Good luck!

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