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Dental Implant Marketing
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Dental Implant Marketing
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Dental Implant Marketing
Dental Implant Marketing
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Dental Implant Marketing
Dental Implant Marketing
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Md Tangeer Mehedi Is The Owner Of & Dental Marketing Expert With Expertise In The Use And Understanding Of Dental & Dental Implants Marketing.

He Is Responsible For Strategizing And Handling Marketing Campaigns For His Clients.

My Dental Marketing Services Includes:

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Dental Website Design

What Does Dental Marketing Expert Do?

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Dental Implants Marketing

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Md Tangeer Mehedi – CEO

Marketing expertise is no longer confined to old-school sales promotion through smooth talks. The digital revolution changed the aspect of marketing forever. And a marketing expert specializes in particular areas of marketing.

It includes SEO, influencer marketing, social media, email marketing, event marketing, market research, branding, content marketing, paid media, copywriting, and many others.

Dental practice, however, covers all the essential dentistry marketing aspects. Dentists often find themselves in jeopardy of marketing their services. That’s where turning to a dental marketing expert can take care of your advertisements. 

Why Do You Need a Dental Marketing Expert?

Whether your dental practices are new or old, you must spare time and money on marketing efforts. Relying on a hands-on approach for a new business can work initially. However, you’ll eventually have to turn to a dental marketing expert to increase your ROI.

Why should you hand over the bulk of marketing to professionals? There are many great reasons to hire dental marketing experts –

1.      Marketing becomes a full-time task when you want to grow your dental business. The modern complexity of marketing requires many skills and a vast understanding. Not being a professional, you can’t handle it all at once, which is an expert’s job.

2.      Hiring an expert will save time, effort, and money in the long run. Many dentists instantly dismiss the idea of having professionals for the marketing budget. But the overall cost-to-benefit ratio is considerably higher than you might think.

3.      Outrunning the competitors is another major concern of modern marketing. You can’t expect to beat everyone constantly without a professional’s brilliant strategy. A dental expert can aid in such problems while teaching you many techniques. 

Planning Your Marketing Strategy

What is the intention of spending marketing dollars on experts by dental professionals? Many will say the success of marketing depends on how many new patients you can get. Others want to drive traffic to their business page or increase site visitors.

But marketing is no longer the simple job it appears to be. Lots of planning and strategic thinking are involved in everyday marketing activities. Poor marketing strategies can cause almost no returns for the investment, leading to commercial failure.

Marketing experts go through proper planning and subsequent analysis to decide the acts. Goals are set, and objectives are laid accordingly. Ideas are shared between the marketing team members through brainstorming, critical thinking, and problem-solving to finalize the marketing step.

Following the research, experts can make a marketing plan for your dental business. They focus on Google Ads, SEO, Social Media, and traditional ad media like print, based on the best results. Then, it becomes about progress, discussing plans, and adjusting to changes.

A marketing expert ensures you are well-informed about the marketing stand. And they prefer honesty, transparency, and openness in almost everything. Regular communication and information sharing must keep you up-to-date with the marketing progress.

My Expert Dental Marketing

As one of the leading dental marketing experts, I’m ready to use my years of experience to uplift your business. My current services include – dental implants, Google ads, SEO, blogs, and a website.

Dental Marketing

Full-service dental marketing services will have a marketing strategy that includes everything that can add value to your dental team. The marketing efforts of capable marketing experts include the perfect mix of everything in its capacity to make your dental office packed with new dental patients.

Dental marketing is a vast subject with almost every aspect covered or embedded. Still, I prefer to make a simple explanation for your understanding with some fundamental topics involved.

Content Marketing

Content marketing strategically creates and distributes relevant, informative, and consistent content. They must have sufficient materials to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Ultimately, the contents are designed to drive profitable action from prospective patients.

The perspective of content marketing is highly relevant in Google products and social media platforms. Creative, engaging, attractive content will boost your branding and hook viewers. So, content must be high-quality, regardless of your marketing platforms.

Website Management

Your dental practice’s online presence isn’t the only factor in consideration. A high-performing and high-valued website are also necessary. You and your brands can emerge through webpages featuring custom content with matching graphics.

The new site will have to look great on any device, providing essential info about your business. Your website should also focus on attractive UI/UX design. Contain sufficient information about your dental services is mandatory. For example, new patients and potential visitors need an email, phone, or chat option, so they don’t need to look elsewhere.

Developing a compelling website with everything necessary is a mighty treasure for any business. So, an expert has to pay a lot of attention to creative web design. A powerful website can secure your dental practice some long-term contracts.

Website Design

The first and foremost step in digital marketing is website design. A functional and practical website can retain potential clients and encourage them to look more. Thus, further looking into the services offered by dentistry can hook new patients.

The branding of your firm also heavily depends on the official website homepage. A superior design will help your business to create a good impression on prospective clients. It can also help you achieve more lead conversions through exceptional web design.

Cutting-edge website interfaces can provide a memorable user experience to all visitors. Accessing your online content will eventually grow interested in your services and products. Further help comes from easy website navigation and great reviews.

Search Engine Optimization

Any marketing expert will choose SEO to push your website to the top of major search engines. Focusing on aggressive onsite and offsite optimization campaigns can get you to #1. It’s indeed the target for any dental marketing company in online marketing. A live dashboard shows everything in the process, allowing you to receive monthly progress reports.


Branding is inevitable as it makes your business stand to your consumers above competitors. Branding also allows new patients to realize their expectations of your services. This is what distinguishes your dental practices from others. It further clarifies everything you offer to make you the best choice.

The crucial process requires aggressive market research for a fruitful outcome. You’ll also need to know the demands of target audiences. Market surveys and online polls can give you essential stats related to the requirements.

Nonetheless, social media marketing currently plays a vital role in brand awareness. Almost everyone is at least connected to one or more social media platforms. And sensible analysts recognize the potential to turn the platforms in favor of your dental marketing company.

Social Media Marketing

However, social media marketing has become so popular that it has a separate genre in marketing. People express themselves through photos, memes, and thoughts through these social media channels. Also, individuals engage themselves in light-hearted entertainment while keeping up with mutual.

So, how social media platforms are so desired for marketing? Recent and ongoing technological revolution and digitalization advancements have changed the trends. Businesses and firms have managed to take over entertainment, making channels to promote their products.

Being packed with users, social media is an ideal platform for building brand awareness. The more you appear before the users, the more you achieve the desired recognition. Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram can help you accomplish the motive by repeating your advertisements in repetition.

Google Ads Management

Digital marketing comes with lots of options, prospects, and scopes. And anyone looking for success through ads must know the importance of Google. But Google’s Ads Management isn’t exactly the tool to understand/use easily.

What is Google Ads Management?

Google is currently dominating the online advertising marketplace using its many products. It claims more than 75% of the online ad market in the US alone. Also, the tech giant drives nearly 90% of smartphone PPC ads.

That’s why marketing companies now choose Google’s native advertisement platform, Google Ads Management.

Succeeding in Google Ads management can take your dental business to a new level. However, managing its account requires time, commitment, and skills. The process may become overwhelming soon enough without assistance.

And is ready to properly do the intensive task of your Google Ads Management.

How Does Google Ads Management Works?

The three primary steps of setting up your account are experimentation, optimization, and growth. Every step is a must with complex marketing analysis to circulate your ads to prospective patients.


Adapting to Client

You don’t have to pay for every click from anyone on earth. Office locations, timing, and demographics are prominent in targeting your audience. And we can narrow down the potential audience through proper analysis.

Aligning Value/Sale

Someone searching for ‘dental treatment’ on Google isn’t exactly matching with dental implants directly. So you can target the right prospects at any point. And it’ll help align the value proposition in the search engine.

Constantly Testing All

Continuous testing is another key to denoting the perfect ads or landing page. You should always compare different versions to find the better one. Also, you may need multiple active landing pages based on audiences.



Well-organized structure and well-determined plans are essential to optimize the account. Strategic crafting can save you effort and money while reaching more new patients. It concerns specific ad groups of semantically similar keywords.

Strategic Bidding

Setting the initial bids is easy but managing the bids is quite a headache. Here, knowing the value position, possible quality score, and ROI is a must. This process makes sure your money is being spent on the right channel.


Googling the right keywords will give you an insight into your business competitors. You can filter the top ones by using third-party tools while bidding. Knowing who you’re up against will help you tailor the management perfectly.



Driving a thousand clicks to the website doesn’t necessarily convert to cases. Strategic altering of your offering as per the audiences’ previous actions is more convenient. Nurturing prospects similar to your brand is more effective.


It’s the next logical and implementing step of optimizing your Google ads campaign. Showing your services and products can engage prospective customers in a better way. You can introduce the audience to the specified sales process accordingly.


Setting up your account in the platform is achieved through intricate processes. However, your marketing can’t end up with Google Ads Management. Explore different alternatives/platforms to advertise your dental services to attract new patients.

Please note that Google My Business is entirely different from Google Ads Management. Google Business profile lets you claim the orthodontic practices, not creating a new patient flow.

What is ROI?

You should’ve noticed earlier the abbreviation named ROI. If you don’t know, the term has tremendous significance in modern marketing strategy.

Return on investment (ROI) is an empirical measurement of an investment’s success. A higher return on investment usually indicates a sufficiently greater cost-to-benefit ratio. Therefore, ROI can indirectly evaluate the efficiency of your dental business investments.

Every business owner desires a higher ROI to ensure more gains over the costs. Otherwise, it means economic or financial setbacks through more costs or losses. Marketing experts have to make sure that the investments pay off with a considerable return in a period. analyzed loads of online ads through Google Ads Management accounts. You can leave the account to my responsibility for a successful marketing experience.

Dental Implant Marketing

Dental implants are a demandable subdivision of modern dentistry. The market for dental implants is massive in the developed countries of North America, Europe, and Oceania. Many dental clinics and related businesses are adopting the practice to increase their cases.

Dental Implant Patients

Dental implants are one of the most beneficial ways to replace missing or damaged teeth. And more Americans have been turning to these dental practices, making the market white hot. Still, many patients aren’t aware of the advantages they can have from successful dental implants.

Demographics revealed that the average age of patients for dental implants is 52! Therefore, an enormous potential untapped market of prospective dental patients is yet to undergo the procedure. Whether you’re a dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist, you’ll have to consider actions to attract potential patients.

What is Dental Implant Marketing?

This is why dental implant marketing comes into play. Traditional advertising for implants isn’t very effective anymore. Instead, creative ads have ramped up significantly to make the ever-growing dental implant market more competitive.

That’s where successful, organized, and strategic dental implant marketing campaigns can help. You’ll need to put more effort into marketing campaigns to reach more patients. When successfully implementing the strategy, you can expect an influx of revenue, fame, and new patients.

How Does Dental Implant Marketing Work?

You want to attract and drive more dental implant patients to your clinic as a dental service provider. Is that right? But the question is, how to get dental implant patients? 

For this purpose, you must go along with some crucial dental implant marketing strategies. At the same time, you must consider vital factors such as the landing page, google ads, Facebook promotion, and other digital marketing processes. 

You can do the implant marketing by yourself. Here you can follow my guide to succeeding –

Digital, as well as traditional dental marketing campaigns, are required based on your audiences. Therefore, I want to show you the best digital and traditional ways to increase dental implant cases.

Most importantly, you can get help from in case of dental implant marketing. 

Digital Advertising

The Internet is undeniably the fastest way to reach more new patients. The tried and tested marketing strategy using the Internet includes –

Social Media

Social media marketing is currently the most popular form of dental marketing. And you don’t have to confine your business to Facebook only. Leading social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram can also aid your dental implant marketing to a great extent.

You can virtually reach, contact, and advertise your services without being expensive. Meanwhile, popular social media sites can let you target specific locations around your office/clinic. Therefore, new patients within a predetermined geographic area will get to see you.

Social Media Marketing Elements

Elements of shareable content on a social media platform should have –

·        Compelling headlines

·        Interesting descriptions  

·        Bold, catchy graphics

·        Fully scannable format

·        Appealing to emotions

·        Related to pop culture

Aside from filtering the geographic location, you can set age ranges and re-evaluate the target audience. Notably, people can be informed about your services by using many more effective ways. And after being interested, they will take services from you!

Advertising dental implants for your marketing strategy may require sophisticated social media management tools. It enables your dental implant marketing ideas to speed up your sales process to find more implant cases.

Web Content

Here, you should have a landing page as a dental implant service provider. And this may be a simple one-page or multi-page website. Whatever it is, web content is highly recommended through which a new patient can get primary ideas about your services. 

After developing some ideas about your dental implant services, they may feel interested in taking the treatment. Therefore, you should put a form where interested ones can provide the information necessary to get professional consultation or appointment.

Also, you may adjust information on free consultation services, appropriate pricing statistics, and primary data about dentists, including their experience, etc. Don’t forget to show the success of current patients, previous patients’ feedback, success stories or patient results, and relevant hashtags. 

However, an engaging landing page should include the following –

·        Compelling and helpful headline.

·        Some unique and engaging visuals.

·        Simple presentation of solutions.

·        Responsive yet intriguing design.

·        Focus on the brand without overselling.

·        Proper optimization using CTAs.

·        Contact information and address.

·        Live chatbot during office hours.

Google Ads

Google ads can be another critical way to get dental implant patients. Using this method, you can appear at the top of the result page over the organic results. Consequently, getting new patients through Google search who learn about dental implant service providers is possible.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

You can also choose online advertisements on locally popular websites and apps. Here, the dental practice ad will appear sidewise on websites or open a pop-up screen on apps.

You’ll have to pay the website/app admins a certain amount for the total count of clicks on the ad. These paid ads can benefit you more than google ads which may require higher payments.

Online Reviews

Fancy advertisements to lure you into a garbage service are no new trend. That’s why smart and cautious people look at the place, service, or facilities before scheduling an appointment. And patient referrals can significantly boost your marketing efforts.

Encourage your current patients to post a review on their social media about their experience. The more positive reviews you can have, the greater the number of new cases you can get. At least this practice can help set your brand and business out there in the locality.


Sending promotional emails/SMS monthly, weekly, or quarterly can increase patient acquisition. However, emails and SMS are still underrated and often neglected ways of marketing. Make sure you don’t keep sending emails or messages now and then.

Emails are a great way to circulate your services and products among new patients. Attach a relevant image, video, or infographic to depict your dental work. Interested ones driven by your ads may desire to visit, consult, or know your services at some point.

Traditional Dental Implant Advertising

You can’t simply downright discard traditional marketing methods. A significant part of the patients is older people or senior citizen. They’re barely addicted to virtual content like this generation.


Print advertising refers to old-school ads printed in local newspapers or magazines. Though these practices fall out of fashion, they still bear particular significance for printouts.

You can also target local festivals or important gatherings of concerned people. The best part of print advertising is that you can comfortably reach the local people without being cozy.

Direct Mail

Mailing in the PO box is another old-school advertising method falling out of practice. Still, multiple localities across the US have direct mailing services. Likewise, you can reach a specific group of people within the locals.


TV commercials have existed since their invention and are still popular among audiences. And you better grab the chance to air your creative ad while your favorite program takes a break. A visually appealing and catchy commercial can surely get into the minds of prospective patients.

Only the patients themselves seek dental implants – it’s not always the case. Responsible family members can also look for implant programs for their loved ones. Your marketing medium should have a perfect commitment in an orderly way to convince anyone looking for aid.

Dental Website Design

Almost every business needs a well-functioning website these days for different reasons. However, one of the primary objectives of business-oriented websites is to increase visitors. And your dental business is no different from others regarding a proper marketing strategy.

What is Website Design?

You can put it however you like, website marketing or website for marketing. In any way, a website gives you the privilege of extending yourself to all aspects of a marketplace. Designing the perfect website for your dental business is not simple or easy, nonetheless.

How Does Website Design Work?

Your website is the ultimate destination for your marketing efforts. It can help build the credibility of your practices with recognition. There are many reasons to design a perfect website for the dental business.

Why Do You Need Website Design?

Brand Awareness

You can immediately show your expertise in dentistry, previous works, positive feedback, and office or surgery setups. Images and videos with content let you present your services. Also, you can get ahead of the competitors with information.

Organic Traffic

Knowing how search engine results work can make your website rank well. It’ll drive more people to your website, increasing traffic. This optimizing experience will help you to create a more stable customer base in the long run.

Generating Leads

A marketing website is the best way to let customers know about your dentistry. You can generate more online leads that’ll eventually increase your acceptance. And it’s a prerequisite to grab the growth opportunity with more sales.


Your website has to remain accessible 24/7, even if some of the services aren’t active. But it lets you announce important posts for the website visitors. Therefore, you can shape the future and keep up with the prospective ones.

Designing a Dental Marketing Website

You’ll need to put a lot of effort and time into creating a fully functional website. Only experts in website design can make it happen for the right price. Still, the fundamental steps of designing a website include multiple steps and advertising tactics.

Site Analysis

Everything related to website marketing focuses on increasing online traffic. And there are many metrics and measurements to analyze the keywords, visits, and audience. It’ll give you considerable insight into developing the right strategy.

Mobile Optimization

The Internet has mostly become mobile-dependent these days. Not many visitors are seeking solutions through desktop or laptop. Therefore, you must prioritize the loading speed of webpages on smartphones like high-speed broadband.

Mapping Interface

How will the audiences navigate different web pages on your website? Or what’ll happen when the visitors arrive at the website from external links? Finding correct answers to questions will help you perfectly map the user journey.

Planning Campaigns

Establishing your business online is as much as necessary as your marketing. So, you must plan campaigns, advertisements, and promotions ahead. This step will enable you to know, find, and convince potential treatment seekers.

High-Value Content

These are just the opposite of fancy fluffs. Images, videos, blogs, headlines, and call-to-action buttons – everything must appear in an orderly manner. High-value content can generate more visits to boost your search engine ranking.

How Does Do Dental Marketing Campaign?

It isn’t easy to provide a reasonable description of what I do without knowing your intention. There are many aspects of dental marketing, and we proceed according to the specified element. However, you can get an idea of our doing through a standard procedural action.

Our Distinctive Procedures 

How will my expertise proceed to your success in dentistry through marketing?

I’ve developed a unique but tested strategy to ensure the best outcome for dental businesses. Also, we have a statistically-proven standard campaign procedure to achieve faster results.

Advertisement for Dentists

We want to notify your potential audiences about the services through Google ads. Thousands of dental-related searches take place on Google every second. The first strategy is to make the new patients consider your offers and, eventually, take action.

However, this is only possible if your website remains on top results in search engines. There are many additional steps and facts involved in implementing the marketing plan. Some particular steps we take to ensure this happens are mentioned below.

SEO Audits 

We run a brief but deliberate search engine optimization audit campaign in the initial phase. It lets us check pages for bugs, potential penalties, or anything harmful to your website. Additionally, our expert team prepares a professional report following the audit. These details help us denote, identify, and decide on the positive and negative factors.

Keyword Research

Acceptable, relevant, and popular search terms or keywords are essential for a website. Hence, we’ll conduct keyword research to find your business’s relevant keywords. Most importantly, we’ll suggest keywords beneficial for local searches. 

Landing Page/On-Page Optimization

Your search engine ranking also depends on the landing page quality to a great extent. And we’ll do everything to optimize up to 30 web pages using the proper tools. This phase includes technical works like header optimization, URL rewrite, etc.

Additional Services

Don’t expect to conclude our expert services with the above ones. We’re well-experienced in delivering additional services, for example, creating engaging content. Furthermore, we can build organic links to reach your target audiences quickly. Local citation and listing is another essential service you can get upon request and consultation. 

Increasing patient flow is the ultimate objective of the dental marketing strategy. And my dental marketing agency has everything necessary to push yourself in the dental industry.

Dental Implants Marketing

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