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Dental Marketing Agency

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We Are A Dental Marketing Agency That Knows How To Attract And Bring Hundreds Of New Patients Within 5 Miles Of Your Practice To Your Office.

Dental Marketing Agency
Dentists Across the United States Trust Us To Grow Their Practices
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Dental Implant Marketing
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Dental Implant Marketing
Dental Implant Marketing
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Dental Implant Marketing
Dental Implant Marketing
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We Are a Location-based Dental Marketing Agency. Attract & Convert More High-value Patients For Dental Clinic.

We believe in creating a custom, data-driven marketing strategy for our clients.

By doing this we are able to give our clients high valued patients who stay with the practice for life.

Md Tangeer Mehedi ¬ CEO

Why You Should Choose A Dental Marketing Agency To Scale Up Our Business

Dental marketing agencies are marketing companies that aid dental services and dentists to create a powerful and impactful online marketing profile.

Dental marketing agencies like these will help you grow your dental practice by generating quality leads through digital advertising and converting them into new patients.

A digital marketing company knows exactly what do to to make your dental practice popular by attracting more and more potential customers and influential clients through digital and social media marketing.

Dental Marketing Agency

Combating Competition in the Dental Field

The dental industry is squirming with the competition. At this stage, it is of immense importance that you keep up with the competition and make your dental practice eminent. As a dentist, you don’t want to lag behind your competitors, right?

No professional wants to lag behind in their field. In order to keep your dental practices on people’s top list, you have to indulge in impactful dental marketing.

So, do you want to make your dental practice prominent and renowned? Then, you must strategically reach your patients so that they can find you without facing any issues. And this can be done through dental marketing campaigns using digital marketing.

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How To Attract Potential Customers

Digital marketing promotes your brand and helps you connect with potential patients and clients with the use of internet marketing and other digital communication techniques, which include social media platforms, google advertisements, web-based advertisements, and multimedia messages.

People don’t click on ads or pay heed to marketing posts unless they are truly intrigued by the initial message. So, to attract more and more viewers we need to make sure that our content is eye-catching and alluring. The message within the content also has to be simple, concise, and straightforward. Any written communication has to have non-complex words that can be understood by anyone.

Social media marketing is part of an agency’s marketing strategy too. Moreover, you must move through crucial steps of digital marketing, such as keyword research, SEO audit, eye-catching content creation, web design, branding, etc. 

Why Compelling Content Is Important To Attract Potential Customers

If we can capture the attention of the viewer with our initial template, there are more chances that they will be hooked by our advertisement whether it is on google or social media. However, it matters more during social media marketing.

The reason behind this is that when people are looking for dental clinics, they search for them on google. So, whether the content is attractive or not (it always helps when it is), people will look at your ads but in the case of social media posts, in order to hook people, charming and compelling posts are necessary because people are not usually out looking for dentists in Facebook or Instagram.

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Full-Service Dental Google Ad Marketing Agency

Google Ad Account Builds

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Ad Copy Writing
  • Account Structure & Settings
Monthly Management

Monthly Management

  • Keyword Optimizations
  • Ad Split Testing
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Budget Allocation

Landing Page Design & Development

  • Conversion Rate Optimized
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Heat Map Tracking
  • Funnels & Integrations
dental landing page for ppc
Google AdWords report

Lead Tracking & Client Reporting Systems

  • Call Recording
  • Form Tracking
  • Phone Voice Whispers
  • Text & Email Reporting
  • Live Reporting Dashboard

Dental Marketing Plan

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Dental Implants Marketing

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Top Rated Dental Marketing Company

The digital world is becoming more and more powerful and as a result, it has become essential for businesses to have strong digital recognition. Traditional marketing strategies and traditional advertising methods which used billboards and pamphlets are getting less impactful with the revolution of technology. Now, search engines and internet marketing are more effective.

To be a renowned dentist at a prominent dental clinic, you need an extraordinary marketing strategy. For this purpose, as a renewed dental marketing agency, can help you immensely. And You can also get helpful local SEO services from us. Notably, this article will inform you of all possible ways to reach the patients who need your service.

Dental Google Ad Marketing Agency

Full-Service Dental Google Ad Marketing Agency

Google is a great platform for dental marketing because it is a huge platform and has many users. Google Ad Marketing agency uses google to generate new patients. Google PPC ads charge your business as visitors click on the ads.

Why Is Choosing The Appropriate Keyword Necessary?

You can strengthen your lead generation through appropriate keyword settings in order to attract the ideal target audience. This is important because if irrelevant traffic is drawn to your web page through PPC advertisements, it will unnecessarily increase your costs and reduce profits.

A dental marketing company will be able to determine effective keyword rankings and operate useful search engine optimization for fruitful lead generation for your online business page. In this way, digital marketing companies will support your dental practices and get not only new patients but the right patients who will boost your dental revenue and bring high ROI for your dental clinic.

Why Is Choosing The Appropriate Keyword Necessary?
Search engine optimization and keyword rankings

Search engine optimization and keyword rankings

Higher keyword rankings get more organic traffic. So, one of the major aims of internet marketing campaigns is to perform effective search engine optimization because that is how you can come up with relevant keywords.

SEO or Search engine optimization is the process following which businesses can obtain huge traffic from cost-free, organic, and editorial search results. Search engine optimization aims to better your website’s reach and position.

The higher the listing your company’s website receives, the faster you will see an increase in website visitors. Thus, search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing.

Landing pages in Google Ads

An attractive aspect of Google Ads is the feature of landing pages. So basically, marketing agencies develop ads with landing pages that take the web visitor directly to the web page that has relevant content.

For example, if the ad is about dental implants, a landing page will take the traffic to the web page of the company website that contains all the content about dental implants. This helps the traffic or potential patients get helpful information about the service they want.

Landing pages in Google Ads

Full-Service Dental Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is not limited to google advertisements. The best dental marketing company will cover everything, starting from content marketing to website marketing to search engine optimization.

Full-service dental marketing services will have a marketing strategy that includes everything that can add value to your dental team. The marketing efforts of a capable marketing agency will include the perfect mix of everything that is in its capacity in order to make your dental office packed with patients.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable patient action.

Content marketing is relevant in both google platforms and social media platforms. Creative and attractive content will boost your branding and can get viewers hooked. So, whether the marketing is done on google platform or social media marketing is on the cards, the thing you market is your content which has to be top-notch.

Website Management

ImplantsMarketing brings your dental practice’s online presence to the next level with high-performance, high-value websites created for you and your brands with custom content and graphics.

Your new sites will look great on any device, featuring essential information about your business and brands. Your website should not only be about attractive web design but should also contain abundant information about your services, for example, customers or clients should find a direct mail option or a phone calls option on your website so that they don’t need to look elsewhere. Making a web page access is an example of great web design.

Developing a compelling website is a powerful treasure for the success of any business. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to creative and effective web design so that influential clients can get hooked to your site and check out the list of your quality services. A powerful website can also secure your dental business some influential long-term contracts.

Web design

The first and foremost step in digital marketing is web design. A creative and attractive web page will retain potential clients and encourage them to look more into the services that your business offers. The branding of your firm also depends a lot on the web design of your official web page. A superior web design will help your business to create a good impression on the prospective clients and customers. You can also achieve more lead conversions with the help of exceptional web design. Cutting-edge web design will provide a superior user experience to all the visitors who access your web page, help them navigate your site with ease, and earn you great reviews.

Dental search engine optimization

We are dental SEO, i.e., search engine optimization experts ready to push your great website to the top of search engines. Our team focuses on an aggressive onsite and offsite search engine optimization campaign to get you to #1. Everything is tracked in a live dashboard, and the information is relayed to you in monthly progress reports.


Branding is necessary because this is what makes your business memorable to your consumers and clients. Branding also allows them to know what they can expect from your services. This is what really distinguishes you from your competitors and clarifies to the mass all the things you offer which make you the best choice.

Branding has to be done through aggressive market research. You need to know the demands of your target audience. This can be done through surveys and online polls.

Social media marketing plays a vital role in branding. Because social media is now used by a vast number of people, it can be the best way to express the vision and mission of your service.

Social media marketing

Social media is mostly for people to express themselves through photos, memes, and thoughts. It is a platform where people engage in light-hearted entertainment and keep up with mutual. So, why is it an appropriate platform for marketing?

A few years ago, social media was only used for what I reiterated in the previous paragraph. However, with the technological revolution and digitalization, businesses and firms have taken over these entertainment platforms as channels to promote their businesses.

Since social media is packed with users, it is an ideal platform to create brand awareness. The more you appear in front of users, the more you achieve recognition. Facebook and Instagram help you do exactly that by repeating your ads over and over again. These apps especially target those around your business.

Best Dental Marketing Services

To get new patients, you must follow some marketing strategies. Most importantly, you can get this service from a dental marketing agency that will help you to rank your website.

Deciding which marketing company is the best is controversial because every agency give one hundred percent effort to satisfy their dental clients. However, before choosing one, you should look at all of their features and services so that you can choose the one that will work in your best interest.

Implants marketing is a full-service agency that promises you deep attention and customized solutions for your business. Like other marketing companies like Geek dental marketing, Golden proportions marketing, and Wonderist agency, we also aim to boost your practice identity and bring you, profitable clients. Doing effective branding of your business is our major objective.

Besides, an agency like us will provide you with various analytical data, such as keyword research data, competitors’ research data, etc., in a timely manner that will be helpful for your web page and the success of your dental business.

Understanding Your Dental Practice

Our marketing professionals use an assortment of reporting tools to pull literal patient demographics from Ahrefs, SEMrush, Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, and other patient management systems.

We strive to get a better understanding of your services to create different content for different target audiences. It is only natural that what excites the younger generation does not excite the older one. Therefore, we analyze thoroughly which strategy to use to attract different groups of people based on their gender, age, income, etc.

Distinguishing the needs of people based on different demographics is important to customize the marketing strategy. Different strategies need to be used to lure people from different demographics.

We also use census data to parse out your target audience’s demographics. On the day of our marketing plan’s creation, we combine all of these factors into a single custom plan for your medical office building. We represent the hard work of your whole team in front of the patient and client base and upgrade your branding in order to take your business to the next level.

Research in Your Area

Determining what parts of your community know about your practice is vital to developing the message for your practice and growing your business.

Unless people in your area care about and demand your service, there is no point in establishing a clinic there. We conduct thorough research in your area and through surveys and questioning, we try to figure out what the people are really interested in.

For example, if your area has more children living in it, your business could use some expert child specialist dentists.

Analyze Expectations of the target market

It is important that you are aware of what people expect from you and we are there to make this easier for you. As a dentist, you and your team might not have too much time to conduct these research and surveys. We assure you solid and ethical survey results and thus an effective marketing strategy.

We can learn what your prospective patients care about, such as whether they’re more price-sensitive or care more about quality. If people in the area of your clinic are mostly middle-class or underpaid, even quality work wouldn’t get you enough patients simply because they cannot afford it.

In such cases, low prices can attract more patients to your clinic. Demand for your service will increase and you may also enjoy patients from surrounding areas. Therefore, customers value not only quality but also affordability.

By analyzing the data, we can customize the message to fit your office. You want only the most productive patients for your great team and are hell-bent on establishing your practice identity.

Marketing Strategy Plan

Marketing is not as impromptu job as it could seem to be. There is a lot of planning and strategic thinking behind marketing activities. Unplanned and hasty marketing can cause low return on investment and lead to the company bearing losses.

So, marketing teams go through thorough planning and analysis before they decide on what to do. Goals need to be set and objectives need to be laid. Ideas need to be shared and the team has to go through a lot of brainstorming, critical thinking, and problem-solving processes before finally taking the marketing step.

Once we have done our research, we make a marketing plan that is custom for you. Whether we focus on Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Marketing, or traditional advertising such as print, will be based on what has brought you the best results. After that, it becomes about meeting often, discussing progress on the plan, and adjusting when things change.

Our team ensures that you are well-informed about the marketing stand of your business. We prefer transparency, honesty, and openness in everything we do. We carry on regular communication and information sharing so that you can be up-to-date with your business progress.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment (ROI) is a measure of an investment’s success. A high return on investment would indicate that the company’s gains are greater than its costs. ROI evaluates the efficiency of your investments.

Any business owner would want a high ROI because otherwise, it would just mean that your business is suffering a loss. This is not desirable at all. We will make sure that your investments in marketing pays off and you get a whole lot of new patients.

What Do You Need?

General dentists need guidance in internet marketing. You need to rank your website at the top of the search engine result page. It is the first thing needed to attract users and get more patients. Notably, all web pages try to do the same thing. But the question is, who can reach the top of the result page? 

A web design created with proper Search engine optimization can undoubtedly show up on the first result page. So, you must run an SEO campaign to take your business web page to the top result. This is typically the greatest payback for all the hard work of the whole team in a dental business. To turn your business into a great company, impactful web design and profitable SEO campaigns are essential.

At the same time, you must concentrate on attractive content creation, organic link building, proper keyword research, and on-page optimization. Because the best way to appreciate a great team is through powerful digital marketing.

Why should we be your number one choice?

Without a well-performing dental marketing agency, you can’t get an excellent and fruitful SEO campaign. So, if you are on the lookout for dental marketing companies to boost your dental business, should be your first choice for this work. 

We will do various things, including providing the keyword research plan, full audit, and optimization, competitor analysis, content planning, etc. 

Moreover, we will help you acquire a fast ranking even if your web page is new. To put the cherry on top, you don’t even need to spend much money to run the campaign. We will provide you with the maximum quality service at the minimum cost. 

Our Distinctive Procedures 

We move through a unique strategy to ensure the best service for our clients. Moreover, we have a standard campaign procedure that helps get faster results. 

Let’s concentrate on our campaign procedure. 

Advertising For Dentists

With thousands of dental-related searches per day on Google, we can use Google Ads to make sure potential patients notice your brand, consider your offerings and take action. This can only happen if your web page appears in the top google searches. The steps we take to ensure that this happens are discussed below.

Run Seo audit 

At the very beginning, we run a Search engine optimization audit campaign to check pages, any penalties, or anything else that is harmful to your website. Additionally, our expert team prepares a detailed and insightful report about your web page. Based on these details, we decide what is right or dangerous for your business.

Keyword research 

Perfect keywords are highly crucial for a website. Hence, we make a keyword research plan to find the best and most relevant keywords for your web page. Most importantly, we suggest keywords that are beneficial for local searches. 

On-page optimization/ Landing Page

You can’t ignore the importance of on-page optimization to get a ranking. We optimize up to 30 pages of your website with header optimization, URL rewrite, etc. 

Other services

Besides described services, we create engaging content for your website. In addition, we build organic links to reach your target audiences quickly. Moreover, local citation and listing is another essential service that you will get from us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix how much to charge?

The Price setting depends on multiple factors. We need enough information about your business to properly analyze how much work needs to be done to take your business higher. Initially, we work based on a monthly rate. We choose hourly rates because of transparency. Yes, we want to ensure your every penny is utilized.

Different businesses have different aspects. So, we make a plan to have ideas about business details, services, and services pages that you want to place ads on.

We will monitor your business, advertising campaigns, competitors, and whatever your needs are. We will let you know how many hours you need to work on your Google Ads campaign and then we’ll send you a quote. Contact us with your query, and we will send a quotation.

How much should I budget for my dental PPC campaign?

The budget for any dental PPC campaign varies on a few factors. Hence, it mainly depends on the keyword. For instance, if you’re trying to advertise for dental implants, just note that these keywords are a lot more expensive than “family dentist.” Dental implants need much more specialized keywords because not every dentist offers them.

The budget also varies from business to business. Ads in New York City will likely cost a lot more than ads for the same keyword in rural Tennessee.
We make an estimated budget based on high-converting keywords in your market. We’ll advise you on the potential ROI of each campaign before you commit.

What is a good CTR on a dental PPC campaign?

In the USA, the national average click-through rate (popularly known as CTR) on healthcare ads is about 1.74%. We let you have more than this average CTR! This ratio varies by campaign topic (say, implants vs emergency dentistry).

However, our general dentistry campaigns get a CTR of 2.5 – 3% at a minimum. Special campaigns often get a 9 – 11% CTR.
Our every ad is designed with a custom landing page and an individualized call tracking number to track results and prove the ROI of your business. Campaigns are continually monitored to remove negative keywords and improve the quality of your clicks and calls.

Do Facebook ads for dentists work?

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular. You can develop social media ads and stream them on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to help your practice reach more leads. But, remember that these types of ads are best for short-term promotion, and brand awareness, and are highly targeted messages.

They can be very effective if you run the ads properly. But keep in mind that people don’t search for dentists on Facebook, rather they visit Facebook as time passes (that is why dental search engine optimization is so important). 

There is a high chance that people in social media platforms like Facebook can neglect your ad simply because they don’t care about it. Generally, people are more interested in memes and pictures of mutuals when they scroll through social media. Therefore, social media marketing can be beneficial in popularizing your clinic but it might not bring you, new patients.

However, if your social media content is catchy enough to grab the attention of users, there is a chance that with word-of-mouth, you will reach more patients. So make sure that you provide something of value to get the social media users to stop and pay attention to your message.

Can I carry out digital marketing in my own clinic?

You can definitely do your own marketing. But we highly recommend you choose a marketing firm to do the job because digital advertising is a critical job and not being able to carry it out properly can cause you a lot of money. So, we suggest you do what you are best at providing dental services and let expert digital marketers do what they excel in. 

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy by trying to be the jack of all trades. Bottom line is, if you have enough online marketing knowledge, you can definitely perform your own marketing.

What should I check before choosing an agency for marketing?

The first thing you should look at is the reviews for the particular company. Every company has its review sites where customers give their honest opinions of how good of a service that particular agency has provided to them. This will give you an idea of the quality of service you might receive from that agency.

The second thing you should check are the rates. Budgeting is a deadly thing in business. If not done properly, your business can suffer direly. Remember that emerging agencies are as capable of providing high-quality services as are experienced ones and the emerging ones are most likely to provide you with an affordable service.

Why Will You Choose Us

Why Will You Choose Us?

As a dentist’s digital marketing agency, we have many unique and excellent features and strategies that will encourage you to get services from us.

Notably, we have a strong team dedicated 24 hours to help you. And you will get immediate solutions to any kind of issue. Instant service is something that is crucial in this competitive era where every second counts.

Moreover, you can get services from us based on your budget. As we have several plans and categories of service, so you can choose your desired one without any issues. Therefore, we are budget-friendly and affordable to almost everyone. So, if your business is new and you’re looking for low-cost marketing agencies, we should be your first choice. We strive to support and uplift new businesses.

You will find many service providers for dental marketing. But we are not like other traditional agencies! We have strategic plans and client-friendly and cost-effective services that you need. We will not serve you with the general techniques but will come up with unique and customized solutions for your business.

A dental website can’t grow on its own. You must work hard to grow it. Most importantly, a dental marketing agency can reduce your anxiety by taking responsibility to rank your web page. 

You don’t even need to pay us until you find your first patient. If we get you your desired results, only then are you to pay us.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s start to rank your dental web page. And most importantly, let’s get a place at the top result page. What are you waiting for? Contact us and allow us to share your burden of making your business one of the most prominent ones in town. 

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