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Who Is Responsible Of The Implant Marketing?

Over the past 2 years Mehedi has built a dental implant marketing system that has generated over $10+ million in dental implant production for dental clinics around the U.S. and Canada. Dozens of Mehedi’s clients have gets 15-30 patients per months using his system. Mehedi has done it all, from generating leads, to setting appointments, to selling treatment in in-office and virtual consultations.

MD Tangeer Mehedi

Dental Implant Marketing Expert
Founder & CEO of ImplantsMarketing.com
Dental Marketing Expert

How Does The Free Trial Work?

FREE Dental Implant Marketing

We let the ambitious dentists & oral surgeons get more dental implant patients. Using our marketing strategy and processes, we will bring you more implant patients than you can handle.  Now it’s your turn!

Yes, we’re so confident in our system, that we’ll let you have a free trial FOR 30 DAYS. If we don’t produce results, you don’t have to pay, it’s a simple calculation.

It is not a mere statement of our mouth. We are committed to offering ALL clients a 30-day free trial. No contract. No gimmicks.

We’re confident enough in our lead generation process. we know better how to give you the best result and you will get the proof in the first 30 days of free of cost service!

Within this time frame, If you are not satisfied with the result, you are welcome to walk away.

How Our 30 Day Free Trial Guarantee Works

Though for the first 30 days, we won’t take any payment, we’ll treat you like the paying client. In spite of being entirely free, we will generate highly qualified implant leads, be sure. You will start getting implant patients for you around the clock. 

But one thing must be mentioned here, you have to bear the ad spend. Beyond the cost, we will look after all ad-related tasks to run the ads. 

Yes, we will give you a quotation with our suggested ad spend. And as we will make an intro call of 15 minutes, you will get a clear concept at that time. We suggest the Ad spend based on the financial goals of our client. So, is there anything doubtful to you? No way!

After discussing the ad budget, you will get a marketing plan from us breaking down how our program will work. If you agree and want to go with our system, then we’ll start the 30-day free trial.

You know our maximum clients end up with a revenue of $30-$60K along with new implant patients in the first month of working with us.

FREE 1 Month Of Dental Implants Marketing
Cost Of Dental Implants marketing

If you are dissatisfied for any reason with the results that you will get within the 30-day free trial, you can walk away. Hence, there is no restriction from us. So, No stress. No headaches.

We can’t emphasize enough how special this is. Most dental marketing companies require a 6-month or 12-month contract right out the gate, with no guarantee of results.

Our team applies highly targeted strategies, and solution-based messaging to let you get the quality patient and lead promise.


ImplantsMarketing.com is a trusted dental implant marketing solution having the most experienced and skilled team for over three years. Our strategies, knowledge, and expertise in the industry have led us to stand apart from the rest.


‘Respect is earned and not given’- you go with this motto. That’s why we work hard so that our dentists and staff members can rely on us for having a trusting relationship. Communication is the key point that we prioritize.

So, we try to have a better understanding of your goals and expectations. This understanding helps us create successful marketing strategies and campaigns for you.


Our dedicated team is ready to use proven strategies that will eventually expand your local presence. Thus you can attract more high-quality patients. Most importantly, per geographic location, we work with only one dentist.


We go through smart targeting as well as responsible management that attracts patients. Our method is storytelling and motivational messaging. And this strategy has a proven history of high-quality results.

Dental Implants Marketing

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md tangeer mehedi Dental Implant Marketing guy

Md Tangeer Mehedi

ImplantsMarketing.com & WebSpotAgency.com‘s CEO

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